Good Karma Foods Protein Flax Milk

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About the product
  • DAIRY FREE FLAXMILK: Our flaxmilk is a smooth, creamy and delicious dairy free milk substitute made from flax seeds. Plus it’s a great source of plant based protein. Enjoy over cereal, in a smoothie, or as a snack when you're on the go.
  • POUR ON THE GOODNESS: We love the tiny flax seed because it makes our flaxmilk mighty nutritious, with calcium, vitamin D, 10g plant protein & 1500mg omega-3 healthy fats, which our bodies need but don't create naturally. Plus it's low in sugar, only 12g!
  • DAIRY-FREE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Good Karma makes allergen-friendly, healthy eating convenient & fun, with flaxmilk that is free from dairy, nuts & soy. Family sized cartons, single-serve bottles & lunchbox cartons come in unsweetened, chocolate & vanilla.
  • PLANT POWERED: Vegan, vegetarian, dairy free and plant based diets can be easy and delicious. Our dairy free, non-GMO, Kosher flaxmilk isn't just healthy, its delicious without a hint of almonds, coconut, soy or hazelnut found in many milk substitutes.
  • One package of twelve 10 oz shelf-stable containers. Good Karma Flaxmilk is portable for all your travel needs; just refrigerate after opening & enjoy! Single-serve bottles are great for busy adults, while lunchbox cartons are fun & healthy for kids.